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"But today, the product isn't on physical shelves any more but sold online." According to digital marketing specialist and Singapore Polytechnic's marketing and retail lecturer Lucas Tok, not only are these personalities more cost-effective than engaging A-list celebrities, there is less commitment for companies.But he noted that utilising online personalities may not be as effective as traditional media marketing.Compared with traditional media such as newspapers and television, the attention span on advertisements on digital media is generally less.In addition, digital advertisement posts often go past consumers' eyes without them actually noticing it. take images of the brand so subliminally, it gets overlooked."when you want to publisise your life , except every thing to come out."But people don't see that an Instagram post may get two to four rounds of drafting before it actually gets posted.

when you want to publisise your life , except every thing to come out.

Ms Ang said: "I am open to sharing about myself, but as a mum, I am careful of what I post because I am always in the public eye and there are many people scrutinising.

"For example, I don't reveal where my kids go to school, but some 'trolls' found out and posted it online." Spin instructor and fitness influencer Tiong Jia En, 24, who has almost 100,000 Instagram followers, told TNP that receiving unsolicited explicit images is common online.

https://sg/lifestyle/others/...those-industry Being an influencer is harder than you think, say those in industry.

Besides grappling with trolls, crafting Instagram posts take time and thought too.

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Local consumer electronics retailer Gain City has launched Singapore's first talent search for the next top social media influencer.