Dating stop women destroy you introducing ugly truths about women Free mobile sex chat bride

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Dating stop women destroy you introducing ugly truths about women

Then I fell back on the seat of my sled and stared at a sky that was so blue I never thought of it in the same way again.

I laid there for a long time just staring and thinking about life and living and God and the universe. She’s very self-cautious and doesn’t like the smell and sound of the engine.

When I first began counseling men in my So Suave days many times I’d read guys telling me, “Well if she’s not into the same things I am she’s just not the ‘right’ girl for me”, as if common interests were some criteria that would trump his sexual interests in a girl.

Blue Pill idealism convinces men that the “right girl” will necessarily love doing the same things as himself, but the all too common Red Pill truth is that men will have their in life alone or in the company of other men who share the passions and interests their wives simply have no interest in.

Peak Experience I don’t subscribe to Maslow’s theories in whole, but I do think his Peak Experience idea has merit.

There will be times and achievements in your life that will stand out as significantly memorable.

On my way down the hill I thought how cool it would be to bring Mrs. I mean, why wouldn’t I want to share such an incredible Peak Experience with the woman I love; the woman I want to share my life with? That might seem trivial, but no matter how much I can try to relate that experience or try to recapture it no one but myself will ever have that unique event.

The snow was only a day old and I took my sled to the top of a place called High Meadows, but even this pristine place wasn’t high enough.These are often the experiences we hope to recreate long after they occur, but prove impossible to really recapture.Much of what makes up our personal preferences in life come from these spontaneous Peak Experiences. Remember that time when things aligned just perfectly for you to hit that hole in one?I wouldn’t call him a philosopher, but he was a keen observer of women’s behavior and became salt-of-the-earth wise by default: “When you take a woman fishing you’re trying to include them in something they really don’t want to be doing, but you like it a lot. You don’t hike, you don’t scout for the sweet spots on the river or, God forbid, you try to get her in a kayak.So you think ‘I like fishing and I want to include her in something we can do together’, but when you do she complains about EVERYTHING. You end up going out after breakfast and the light’s all wrong.

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