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(I knew this was going to be an expensive program, and it is, but it would be beneficial to have at least SOMETHING listed on the website, ie how much coaching sessions are.)*Areas for improvement (true for any organization) - Short version for me is I started off working with matchmakers in a local 'field office'.A few months ago I was switched to a national-level matchmaker in a completely different part of the country (Debbie, see below).Matches were sent to me for my review, then I could decide if I wanted to proceed.I've been a memeber now for close to three months and I have met three gentlemen.

I still think that was pretty rare, and they did deliver.(Debbie has since told me she does not use high pressure sales tactics, and I believe her.More on her at the end.) - To this day I wish I would have told them I would think about it over the weekend and would get back with them on Monday.All were very kind and better in person than their profile picture. It was very comfortable entering the restaurant, where the hostess would take me to my match.The restaurants chosen by It's Just Lunch had friendly attentive wait staff, great food, and an inviting atmosphere.

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Cons:- Main theme - All offers in this organization are handled over the phone.

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