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Casual dating is highly discouraged, and the act of getting married is considered very holy, during which the man and the woman become one. Another important concept within the Jewish view of marriage is shalom bayit, which translates to "peace in the home." Shalom bayit refers to the idea of having domestic harmony and good relations between husband and wife.Family life reigns supreme over all other aspects of Jewish life.Jewish internet dating is a wonderful tool to meet one's bashert, or one's predestined mate, and it's wise to know about shalom bayit and its importance in Jewish life. Please Email your questions, Chava will answer your questions with insight and wit.Online Jewish dating services that make Jewish singles connections often have dating coaches, as well as marriage coaches. Have something interesting to say on Jewish Internet Dating?Let Jewish Gay Personals Help You Make a Love Connection. Meet Gay Jewish Men in Your Area and See Who Wants to Be Your Next Boyfriend. A pure and peaceful home is a home in which the Shechina, or the Divine Presence dwells, so say Chazal, or the Jewish sages of old.Orthodox Jews who are trying to make Jewish singles connections will have marriage in mind, and it's never too early to learn some tips to achieve shalom bayit.

Most of us would show basic politeness to strangers, so our spouses deserve at least the same.

I just wanted to write and let members know that I met my man on Jewish From there our date continued to some miniature golf and we continued to date thereafter.

Mike proposed to me and I accepted without any doubt. So thank you for having this site available; we may not have met otherwise.

People are people, and disagreements and arguments will happen. Husband and wife are considered one being, with one soul.

But it's important to argue thoughtfully, not overreact and not attack your partner verbally. In fact, Adam the first man created in the image of God, was not considered whole until Chava (Even in English) was formed from his rib, and no man, according to Chazal, is considered complete without a wife.

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While many Jdate members respond in kind, others view the phenomenon as an intrusion that defeats the purpose of the site.