Dating reissued financial statements Simple phone sex chat

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Dating reissued financial statements

Selecting import will overwrite the existing data for the selected company and replace the information with the data from the ASIC Electronic Data.Users will have the ability to select the ASIC data to be imported.Retrospective application means that the correction affects only prior period comparative figures. Therefore, comparative amounts of each prior period presented which contain errors are restated.

You can lodge online through the company officeholder, registered agent and auditor portals after you have registered for access.You should also note that because this information sheet avoids legal language wherever possible, it might include some generalisations about the application of the law.Some provisions of the law referred to have exceptions or important qualifications.Toggle When the company data has been imported, ensure to update the dates for the shareholders.Importing Shareholders will allow users to enter the balance date the shares at either the import date of the RA71 or the Company Registration date.

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Selecting Compare will display the CAS 360 comparison report.