Dating on earth popcorn

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Dating on earth popcorn

The volcanic ash can be dated using a technique called Potassium-Argon (K-Ar) geochronology.K-Ar geochronology relies on the principal that radioactive elements decay over time, with a parent isotope of potassium (K) decaying to form the daughter isotope argon, (Ar).Heat has to be just right and will vary from stove to stove.Too little heat results in the corn partially steaming, producing soggy kernels instead of crunchy ones.The first Europeans to taste popped corn were likely the pilgrims, who were introduced to the crunchy stuff by local Native American tribes.Today, popcorn is popular the world over, with literally hundreds of hybrids available.

Popcorn is a special type of corn grain, generally not edible like other styles of corn like white or yellow corn on the cob.

The daughter isotope argon does not start to accumulate until a volcanic eruption takes place, at which point the radioactive decay clock starts.

Over a very long period of time, almost all of the radioactive K will decay to form Ar.

A simple way to simulate radioactive decay is by making popcorn.

Popcorn starts out as unpopped “parent” kernels we’ll call “kernelite, (Ke).” Heating starts the radioactive decay clock and the “kernelite” begins to decay to a new daughter product of popped kernels we’ll call “popcornium, (Pc).” Just like radioactive decay, this process is irreversible, and with enough time all the kernelite will decay to popcornium.

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