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Or if you're like me, you can just get someone to take a photo shoot of you "matching" with all of your favorite types of alcohol instead.

If you're someone who likes looking super cute on Halloween (how do you do it?

), then this Tinder costume is perfect for you, because you get to let BOTH of your truest forms shine through: someone who's obsessed with dating apps and a princess (duh).

For this one, pop over to the thrift store to find a super poofy blue dress or skirt (think: tulle on tulle on tulle).

I know most people revere Halloween as the greatest holiday ever because you can "be someone you're not" for a night.

In the words of DJ Khaled, “Take the hinges off the door…” and as we say around HQ: “…just turn it into a Halloween costume.” Directions: 1. Tinder is the firecracker of dating apps, having been the first to capture collective millennial interest.

Cut out two equal rectangular shapes out of cardboard and cut three holes in each piece. Spray paint your rectangles and the pool noodle gold. Cut the noodle lengthwise in half and into sections and then glue to cardboard. Coining the signature swipe-right-swipe-left-game, there’s really no better way to pay homage to the OG app than with this hot, hot costume. Measure your head’s circumference and create a paper headband that is 1 inch wide; attach with hot glue or Velcro. Cut construction paper flames and glue to the headband. To make the log, cut out two equal rectangles out of the foam core. Cut pieces of Kraft paper and fold into an accordion shape. Crumple the folded paper and attach each section to the foam core using hot glue. Repeat until you’ve covered each piece of foam core and then add dark brown paint to create added dimension. Attach the two pieces of foam core together with a piece of the plastic guard on the sides, using masking tape.

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