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In contrast to the boxy, often pragmatic, design of modern gas pumps, early gas pumps were painted bright and eye-catching colors from vibrant reds to almost-glowing lime green.

Gas companies designed them In such a way that customers would be moved to choose the player’s filling station over the many other gas companies on the market during the 1900’s.

The first gas pump would then be eventually known as a filling station. Bowser sought out to address the risks of the above method and found success.

Obviously, this method was sometimes messy and wasteful. He built and eventually patented, a pump that could pull gas from a storage container and deliver it safely into a gas canister.

The visible gas pumps also featured the much-loved gas pump globes, typically placed on the very top of the pump.

Improving on visible gas pumps was the electric pump.

Instead of a transparent glass case, this new pump model typically featured a large dial high on its face.

The clock-like dial would indicate the amount of gas consumed. Thus, manufacturers added small clear glass cylinders for consumers to get a glimpse of the fuel they were purchasing.

The small glass cylinders were often integrated into the hose.

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Those early gas pumps, although crude, made getting gas a breeze.

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