Dating en language language nl nl site site

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Dating en language language nl nl site site

As you might already guessed, I would recommend is title. To implement multilingual URLs you will probably have to extend core class(es), because multilingual routing need access to different forms of storage (database, cache and/or configuration files).

As a result of all you would end up with two valuable pieces of information: current language and translated segments of query.

If the translation is missing it should either be inserted or the translation file should be regenerated.

The question was about the latter aspect - A very important thing is, don't get fancy with IDN.

: I forgot to mention: the __() function is an alias to translate a given string.

Within this method there obviously should be some sort of fallback method where the default text is loaded when there are not translations available yet.

Yes, technically you can combine both approaches, but that would complicate the process and only accommodate people who want to manually change URL of and expect the news page to change to German.

But even this case could probable be mitigated using cookie value (which would contain information about previous choice of language), to implement with less magic and hope. I am not too familiar with it, but from what I have seen, Laravel uses simple pattern-based routing mechanism.

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In this case, when translating query, you do not need to guess the language, because at that point you already know which to use.