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Dating ben pearson bows

Reminds me of the Brownng anbd Bear shorter bows f that era.

Looks as good as some of the bows I bought new in the late 60's for twice that plus shipping.

No fancy woods, but at my 30" DL, it'll still sling an arrow.

John Doc, From what I can find, the 7388 BPH-90, was made in 19, in basically the same woods and colors.

All it needs is a bit of cleaning-wax and a new string. Not a Colt or any of the 70's Pearson rcurve names I readily recognized. It is a great shooting bow and puts them where you're looking. I think that it is from about 1970 or thereabouts..

Jim Just came in from shooting my Ben Pearson Mustang and saw this thread. The serial # is 16-633 so I assume it is a 1963 model. First year for the Gamester was 1970, and it was a 56" bow. It was listed to have Black Pearsonite Glass, but I don't have the 71 or 72 information, so it could have had red glass in one of those years. Took several bowstrings along and braced it and it is dead-nuts straight.. You are correct about the black Pearsonite fiberglas..:) Anyhow..

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