Dating antique horseshoes

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Dating antique horseshoes

What distinguishes an antique horseshoe from a modern horseshoe is the material.

In the 19th century, blacksmiths forged horseshoes from iron, while 20th-century manufacturers fabricated modern horseshoes using steel.

The most-accurate test is the spark test, which is a little destructive.Plastic or synthetic horseshoes are usually black, but many brands now come in a rainbow of color choices.But they likely will fade a bit from exposure to the elements. the men symbolize something, but i don't know what it is, so if you do could you please tell me?If the seller has no documentation but claims someone found the horseshoe on a former Civil War battlefield, contact the seller and ask the seller the exact location.Cross-reference that location against Civil War-era documents that identify battlefields in local archives.

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As 19th-century wrought iron rusts away, the iron silicate becomes exposed. If a corroded horseshoe looks like rotting wood, then it is likely a wrought-iron horseshoe from the 19th century.

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