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After more than a few awkward silences, he gathered the courage to tell me the reason behind his hesitation: my dark complexion.Brett was tall, dark-skinned, and came from a prestigious family.

I owe it to myself to stay optimistic in spite of all of the disappointing dates that I have been on and all of the research and data that is so focused on how hard it is for Black women to find love. Subscribe to FLARE Need to Know for smart, sassy, no-filter takes on everything you're interested in—including style, culture & current events, plus special offers—sent straight to your inbox each day.

Naturally, being on a date with a complete stranger, like the one I was waiting for at that downtown restaurant, was an adjustment.

By the time my Tinder date, a regular-shmegular Bay Street bro, sauntered in, my social media research confirmed that he had never dated a Black girl before.

“You’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl” is one of the many fake compliments I still receive from individuals of the same or similar ethnic background as myself.

I know I’m beautiful, but why does my beauty diminish because of my black skin?

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Can I just be was a conversation that still had to be had until my junior year of college.

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