Conscious dating workshops Meet and fuck local singles

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Conscious dating workshops

Coaching is available to participants of the 18 month training programme.Jan's workshops are for everybody who wants to learn to experience a deeper relationship with themselves, with the people they meet and with Spirit.Coaching sessions, in person or by telephone, can help you integrate what you experience in the workshops into your everyday life.Coaching is a way to get the support and encouragement you need to feel alive and vibrant in your relationships and friendships, in your body and feelings, in your work, in your play.IF THE VIDEO showing the workshop does not appear above, and you want to see it, you can view it on You Tube Jan's workshops offer a safe and nourishing space where you can explore the essence of human relationships.You'll be able to The meetings, guided processes, meditations, dance and circlework enable you to grow and explore at your own pace in a playful and supportive learning environment.While Kaila says she’s seen plenty of new couples blossom after mindfully meeting at her events, the real aim of conscious dating is less about hunting down your soul mate and more about opening up to new experiences and growing as a person. Passion, Power & Love New Year Retreat open to all - Earth Spirit Centre, Somerset Living Tantra 1 28 Feb - 6 March, 2020 Osho Leela, Dorset Download Living Tantra flyer Living Tantra 1 9 - 16 April 2020 Earth Spirit Centre, Somerset Download Living Tantra flyer view all calendar dates Read articles about our work If you'd like to feel more connected with yourself, with your friends, with people you meet ...

Instead, Kaila suggests looking for a genuine connection with your date rather than “someone to fill a certain role in your life or who can tick all of your boxes.” The good news?These educational workshops are aimed at bringing greater consciousness into your everyday life, enhancing your relationships, increasing compassion, caring and happiness.All workshops are suitable for both singles and couples except occasional workshops such as The Mirror of the Heart, which is only for couples.This mindset allows you to break stale or unhelpful dating patterns and consider a wider pool of potential partners.Next, put your judgemental reflex on hold for the night.

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Conscious dating is about practising something psychologists call ‘unconditional positive regard’ – or in regular speak, being a nice human.

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