Confluence recently updated macro not updating

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This page provides an overview of the various components that make up collaborative editing in Confluence Server.We'll go through how each component works, and how you can build plugins to integrate with them.

When a page is reverted, the corresponding shared draft is also updated to contain the new page content.

Shared drafts, like personal drafts, aren't indexed in Confluence.

Since they're not added to the content index, it means drafts won't appear in features that access the context index, including: This means that content data will be stored on the Synchrony service and the service will act as the source of truth for page content.

Collaborative editing allows multiple people to concurrently edit a single Confluence page or blog post (we'll just call them pages from here on).

When using collaborative editing, a page editor will see the avatar(s) of others editing the page, and the changes they make will appear in the editor in real time.

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This allows actions to maintain compatibility with instances that haven't been upgraded to collaborative editing.

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