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Christian youth skits dating

"Come, Ye Thankful People" is a play for teens which allows them to show a family with seemingly nothing to be thankful for just how full of thanksgiving their lives should be. 44 pages 3 - 12 actors per sketch If you're looking for attention-getting drama to lead your group to a higher level of spiritual maturity, this is it.

With a very creative twist, here's a powerful collection of both funny and serious sketches dealing with many issues that God's people face: temptation, service, gossip, attitude, a personal relationship with God, burn-out, and much more.

"I'm the Victim Here" teaches friendship is more important than petty disputes.

"Charades" has a good lesson on setting the right priorities in our lives.

The sketches are designed to make your audience laugh out loud, and at the same time look inwardly at themselves.

Discover what happens when we really "fall into sin"; when men and women have their roles reversed in marriage; or when a gift of a Bible is presented without any strings attached.

Your audience will laugh as Angel, with cell phone and trumpet, Five skits make up this humorous collection that every church will enjoy.

The sketches are as convicting as they are entertaining.

At the conclusion of each, all will know that the best answers to life's problems can only be found Under His Direction. 0 pages Flexible cast Had trouble finding competition pieces for your teens?

"God's Top Ten List" presents the Ten Commandments in a fresh light.

The words written on stone tablets so long ago are brought to modern situations, such as a fender-bender, parent-volunteers on a school project, remembering the Sabbath and gossiping about some things that should be left unsaid.

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"At the Foot of the Cross" and "The Trial" can also be performed a... Are you a person who loves sports and competitions?

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