Chen kun and zhao wei dating

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Chen kun and zhao wei dating

Many of them simply have become so big on Weibo because they were among the first celebrities to join the platform since its beginning in 2009.

Big names in this list, including Yao Chen, Chen Kun, and Guo Degang, already had over 54 million followers on the platform in 2013.

Vicki Zhao (赵薇), Zhou Xun (周迅), and Chen Kun (陈坤), reportedly had a fall out, and the producers had no choice but to drop Zhou Xun and replace her with The Stolen Years star, Bai Baihe (白百何).

The first two installments of Painted Skin revolved around the fox demon Xiaowei, who has the ability to peel off human skin and wear it as her own.

In 2015, our ‘number 10’ had 38 million fans on Weibo; now the last name in this list has an incredible 66 million followers.

Though both Vicki Zhao and Zhou Xun were confirmed in an earlier report saying that they would reprise their iconic roles in Painted Skin 3, it was said that Vicki Zhao and Zhou Xun refused to work with each other again, leading the producers to make the decision to drop Zhou Xun from the project.Here we go with our updated list of Weibo’s biggest stars of 2017: The absolute number one this list is the ‘Queen of Weibo’ Xie Na (1981), also nicknamed ‘Nana’ – an extremely popular Chinese singer, actress and designer.One of the reasons she has become so famous in mainland China is that she is the co-host of (快乐大本管), which is one of China’s most popular variety TV shows.Having been predicted to be ‘on its way out’ some time ago, Weibo has actually seen a huge revival in in 2016.What is noteworthy about this list is that it does not contain any ‘internet celebrities’ (网红 ), meaning people who have become self-made online influencers through the internet, for which Weibo has become known over the past 1-2 years.

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She presents the show together with, amongst others, colleague He Jiong, who is the number two in this list.

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