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Brainac dating

Time unfreezes, and Lois discovers that Clark is missing.Arriving at their destination in the woods, Clark questions Brainiac 5 on his reappearance and what his hidden agenda is: if he is the evil threat Jor-El warned about or a ghost from his past.

They ask Lois what it was like to date a real-life super-hero, to which she replies it was only a 'quick fling' and states that she would date one again, looking towards Clark.

Clark and Lois are pronounced Homecoming King and Queen, much to Clark's own displeasure as he sits upon his throne, while Lois enjoys the attention and comments how it was a good thing he became the star quarterback in his senior year.

Clark then notices Greg Arkin amongst the crowd, staring at him.

When Clark wonders why, Lois insists that is what someone does when they know they are needed.

Clearly saddened due to his doubts about being a hero, Lois tries to offer Clark some comfort and suggests that the two of them attend their five-year Smallville High class reunion.

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In an attempt to cheer up Clark, Lois convinces him to attend their five-year high school reunion.

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