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He could really carve out a nice niche for himself as the younger version of me.

you also don’t advocate for it for men of today, correct?

Schwarzenegger: I’m the first person to advocate that we have drug tests in every competition.

That’s the only way to get rid of some of [the illicit drug use].

‘I look at people who I work with, who are in their 40s and they look like my parents, because they’ve never worked out or modified their diet. Men stare, but I’m very seldom asked out, because I think, fundamentally, they find my physique intimidating.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and the way I look.’ Angela says that she’s seldom asked out these days, even though she’s been engaged three times. ‘I once asked some guys at the gym, just as a matter of curiosity, whether, if they saw me in a nightclub, they would come up and ask me out. Because you look intimidating and you’re very confident”.’ Her gym journey began in the mid-70s, when women’s bodybuilding started to take off.

You’re competing always and if you’re and you’re ultimately successful, that’s what it’s all about.

I could’ve sat back on my laurels, said, ‘Well, I won Mr.

Universe and what a great thing that was,' and gotten fat. I always felt like my body wasn’t there and I was critical and that’s makes you hungry and puts fire in your belly to make you perform; to do more. What is not helpful is if you stand there in front of the mirror and you say, ‘I see perfection.’ Because then it’s over.

is a comedy set in the world of professional hitmen with Schwarzenegger playing the eponymous Gunther, the ultimate assassin in the crosshairs of a slew of other, lesser contract killers.

While Schwarzenegger was more than happy to chat with about his role in Taran Killam’s new film, he also weighed in on a number of issues affecting the bodybuilding community, including body image, supplement use and where today’s bodybuilders should find motivation. Olympia winner, even gave advice to the up-and-coming actor who will portray him in a bodybuilding movie : Most of the movie is a group of hitmen trying to kill you, but you keep outlasting.

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She’s a bodybuilding grandma who can lift her own weight, and she says that ‘weedy men’ are always trying to chat her up because they want her to dominate them.