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The third revised edition of the Blue Book is freely available in English, French and Russian on the UNECE website: can be also consulted in an online database at

This database makes it possible to search, filter and export the E Waterways and E Ports data.

This differs from the rule prohibiting the abbreviation of United States as part of a case name, discussed here in this guide.

," a "hereinafter" citation may be appropriate, as is discussed elsewhere in this guide.

The third revised edition of the Inventory of Main Standards and Parameters of the E Waterway Network – commonly known as the “Blue Book” – released today, is a comprehensive guide to the development and use of inland waterways for international shipping in Europe.

It also contains up to date technical details of inland waterways, including agreed parameters of sections of transboundary rivers, and information about E ports, updated on the basis of information from member States and River Commissions.

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In some circumstances, a particular individual within an institution will be given authorial credit.