Are mike seater and ashley leggat dating

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The film is “an intimate exploration of relationship, friends, enemies, lobe and loss”, though at its core it is a film about transitioning from our twenties and into our thirties and beyond.

The film offers great appeal to young people, and is playing across Canada at select Landmark Cinemas on October 7th, before opening at the Magic Lantern Theatres – Carlton Cinema in Toronto on October 9th.

So a lot of scenes there’s like scenes that are two minutes long, that in reality were seven minutes long.

Myself and our editor Haya Waseem, who’s incredible, to cut those scenes down, because you just have to tell a story and a seven minute scene could be interesting, but you can’t have a million of them or your movie doesn’t move forward.

There’s something that bubbles over, and the audiences we have screened it for, just real crackling energy comes across from these characters that I think it’s totally relatable, and people really seem to hop along on the ride and I think I can sense people picking sides and favourites and couples they want to ‘ship and it’s sort of like I feel people being sucked in to this small world that we’ve built and that’s the only thing I can hope for, that people feel like it’s a real group of friends who are really in this situation because yeah, all of us have bits of our selves in these characters but definitely the events are fictional.

Michael Seater: So much of the work is done in prep, in pre-production and the more you can organize in advance, the more room you have to play on the day.We finished post at the end of November last year, so this will be wonderful.It does have a killer soundtrack, I think it’s the kind of movie that’s more fun to watch, especially the first time, with people.The project is a real labour of love, a collaboration between former rivals Michael Seater and Paula Brancati, who met when she was filming an episode of , which was brought to the attention of Telefilm Canada and played as a part of the prestigious Canada’s Not Short on Talent program at the Cannes Film Festival.This exposure allowed Branc Seater to expand their production team into making a feature, and the result is the eminently identifiable .

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Derek has a efficient brother who has control tendencies.

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