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If you've already paid into, say, a cash Isa and see a better rate on the market, you may still be able to take advantage of it by transferring your Isa savings to the new provider.

If you're moving money saved in previous tax years, you can choose to move all or part of it to a new Isa without affected your Isa allowance for the current tax year.

You can replace the £3,000 (and no more), as well as using up your full £20,000 allowance from the current tax year, meaning you can pay in £23,000.

The lifetime Isa is exempt from this rule - regardless of whether you have a cash or stocks and shares lifetime Isa account.

For example, you've paid £15,000 into a cash Isa account in the current tax year. You can then deposit £10,000 into the account; the £5,000 you previously withdrew, and an additional £5,000 that would take the total deposited amount up to £20,000.

Withdrawals you make in this case are firstly taken from whatever money you've deposited in the current tax year.

After that, you'd still have £15,000 left of the current year's Isa allowance to use.

This flexibility is not compulsory and isn't available on all Isas - only 19% of cash Isas and Junior cash Isas offered flexible withdrawals when Which?

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