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-Generate & Make an Identity- Tools: – Fake Name Generator – Skype – Pay Pal Make an identity: * Open up Notepad (or any other text editor) and write up the identity; a good place to start is here. find an address in that area, type it in your identity document. make about 3 and use Yahoo or Gmail (preferably Gmail) because they don’t have limits.

You need various pictures &/or videos of females (or males). I took a total of 66 pics revealing a lot hihihihi 😉 Maybe you can just look at it as a business deal or maybe you just want to help a pretty girl lolol If you want i’ll give you two examples on skype 😉 my Skype is xxxxx I have a Paypal account if you feel the need to help, ANY small amount will help me, my Paypal is xxxxx So… Hit me up on Skype, email me or just help 😉 Well, hope that u can help me Kisseeeeeessss!!! Now you can also do the same thing for selling cam shows, those will bring in more money per show offcourse. You have to make up for yourself what you want to do, pics is quicker and camshows bring in more money per show. The programs used take a lot of resources of your PC. (Virtual Cam Whore) Well a virtual cam whore is a girl that that was recorded and put together so you can decide her actions.

Despite recently having had a porn-related orgasm, my dick couldn't get hard quick enough and I was jerking to Pam's tits like I was 11 all over again.

Do you know who your most-masturbated to female is? My most masturbated to has changed throughout my life...

You can look around on HF/Google for some good e-whoring “packs” for doing this. xxxxx Well i’m gonna explain a little about my situation, my hobby and how you can help me 😉 Currently i am living with a man that well…. For the examples it’s the same as i explained in the chat sites part… Basicly you play the file with adobe stand alone flash player and you have some control buttons to make her do things.

Pick a female (or male) that fits your identity, and lets move on. is not the right man for me or not the right man for ANY girl to be hounest 😉 So i want to move out and here is where you can help I don’t have much money and i’m looking for some people to help me raise enough money to start a new life 😉 This is where the “mix pleasure with business” part comes into play. if they ask for more try one more time and then block them. This looks very realistic and you have to trick men in believing they are talking to a real girl!


record these email addresses in your identity document.

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