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It was a typical marriage, the sex was good in the beginning and than got boring with less and less sex no more blowjobs and once a month wham bam and it was ov… Read more The woman; Ruth, Mariah, Monique and Lisa, had been have been friends for many years, since high school.

Each was 32 years old and each had been married for 6 years.

She was 6 years older than me but still we looked good together and had a some great times.

I began to mention other men to her and me watching and being involved, she wasn’t sure at all to be honest.. For example I… Read more In January this year I went on a holiday. I love to please my Daddy by being more and more slutty and using my cunt like it supposed to be used: getting all the dicks I can! Overall: ★★★★ [… Read more As with the rest of the story. Your buddies wife and your daughter and her girlfriend.

My Daddy thought it was a great opportunity to train His slut. All characters are adults in this story line and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies. Standing according to height they quickly dropped to their knees in Nadu position.

I had a car to my disposal, lots of time and tinder at that place worked like crazy. The Dream You and your buddy and I and or your home. Then quickly leaned over and placed their four heads on the floor and crossed the w… Read more I was staying at a friends house, helping her to look after it while her parents were away.

Both in good shape and enjoying great sex and each other in our relationship.

She had absolutely amazing boobs but didn’t show them off, she wasn’t skinny but wasn’t over weight she was just right.

So there I was stroking my dick to a random video I had clicked on when an idea came to me.

They had been meeting weekly for over 4 years at a small Diner for lunch.

The four women chatted for several minutes when Ruth asked, "Lisa, you are looking so contented and happy, what's your secret? I'll tell you." Then she… Read more Chapter 1 We had had a lot of fun all afternoon at our local club throwing darts and the wife flirting with our regular friends.

But by no means are the porn stars going at it for that long—people need to catch their breath at some point, and the same goes for you.

Interruptions happen, whether the kids need attention or your partner loses his erection mid-sex. Drake masturbates between takes to keep herself turned on.

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This way, she's ready to get back in the game when halftime is over.

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  1. I am not looking for long term relationships but friendships with a person to meet and spend great evenings with, i know how to treat woman with respect with respect i'm looking for a nice girl, it can be for an adventure period or it can be for a longer mor serious period. I am not really looking for a relationship, but if it happens.....will see.