17 yr old dating 14 year old shitheads dating video

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I think the most important thing to do is not push your daughter away with any shouting matches or 'you are doing the wrong thing' this is what my mother did and although she was doing her best in a difficult situation - the shouting and threats simply pushed me away further.The new found love that your daughter has found is fantastically powerful and she is overwhelmed with feelings in so much that nothing else truly matters.I felt weird discussing the age difference with friends (and usually avoided the subject entirely) but I knew personally that I had something great.

My relationship with my wife lasted 16 years and produced 3 lovely children. However, as MY children reach their teenage years I of course see everything from the perspective as a parent.I have experience dating a younger girl like this, her still in HS and me in college. If she's mentally well beyond the typical 17 year old, I don't personally see a fault with it.I thought it would be okay but the maturity difference was so big. As long as you're not taking advantage of a naive youngster, no harm no foul. He owns his own successful business although he still lives with parents.I know its only 8 years difference but it's the difference between him being at an age where he must be thinking about starting a family, marriage, etc and her starting out in life. Do I let them get on with it or should I try to explain my above concerns at the risk of pushing them together?

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